Getting started

Find it on the Classroom Database

Search your assigned classroom in the classroom database. The classroom database provides useful information such as images of the space, number of seats, technical specifications, and technical support information. In order to find your assigned classroom.

  1. Go to the Classroom Database
  2. Select your campus
  3. Select a Mosaic Room Design

Visit and explore

Once you have located your classroom on the Classroom Database, visit the room. Walk around the space and identify:
  • What tools are in the space that you want to leverage for student learning or for presentation?
  • What parts of the classroom will you inhabit most as an instructor?
  • If the furniture is configurable, how might you rearrange the furniture to support learning activities?

Get Help

Want to visit the space with someone who can help you identify what you might wish to use and how you might use it? Contact us at

Teaching Resources

Explore the other Resources to learn more about what various tools in the room can do and how you can leverage them to support your teaching goals.

Traditional Classrooms

Note that any of these resources (the Classroom Database, one-on-one help, and the Resources) can also be used for traditional classrooms across Indiana University.