Cohort 2

Senior Fellows: Cohort 2

Professor of Law, McKinney School of Law

Shawn teaches Advocacy Skills, Cybercrime, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure. Prior to entering academia, Shawn spent close to ten years in the criminal justice system as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. She enjoys weaving lawyering practice skills into doctrinal courses. As a Mosaic Fellow, she hopes to use technology to integrate active learning principles into the law school curriculum.

Assistant professor, English

As a Mosaic Fellow, Andre will focus on developing strategies for using instructional technologies to engage students in the active work of learning literacy. After his time as a Fellow, he will continue the work of the Mosaic initiative by disseminating insights through scholarly presentations and publications.

Senior lecturer, Psychology

Lisa is interested in how learning environments can enhance or hinder student learning, support or impede collaboration, facilitate or dampen creative teaching methods. As a Mosaic Fellow, she plans to revise learning activities to take advantage of the Mosaic classroom, and assess the impact on her teaching practices and students' learning.

Lecturer, Computer Information and Graphics Technology

Rob teaches Computer Information Technology in the School of Engineering and Technology, where he builds his courses around experiential learning. As a Mosaic Fellow, he hopes to explore the impact of active learning and learn how instructors can build that into every classroom and online course.

Clinical assistant professor, Political Science Director of Paralegal Studies

Erin has practiced law for 16 years and includes law practice skills in all of her courses. As a Mosaic Fellow, Erin will encourage active student learning by using congressional, judicial, and law office simulations in all of her classes. Erin will also use peer groups in the classroom to simulate a law office environment.

Trustee lecturer, Computer Information and Graphics Technology

As a Mosaic Fellow, Nancy will encourage her students to "create" their own company. They will then build on that theme throughout the semester as they practice IT skills, discuss ideas ("hot" IT topics), and create deliverables in the appropriate Microsoft Office 2016 programs based on those skills and discussions.

Lecturer, Art History

Patrick is interested in social pedagogies, where students blur the boundaries between real life and classroom learning. As a Mosaic fellow, he will encourage students to take ideas out for real-life practice and bring life experience into the classroom for theory and context.

Assistant professor, Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management

Brian D. Krohn focuses on marketing and management in the context of sport and event tourism. As a Mosaic Fellow, he will explore how students learn in collaborative environments, incorporating real-world problem solving.

Associate professor, History and Museum Studies Public scholar, African American History and Museums

Modupe Labode began teaching at IUPUI in 2007. She is currently developing a course on the history of incarceration in the United States. As a Mosaic Fellow, she hopes to learn new tools that will help students to make connections between their classwork and the wider world.

Senior lecturer, Chemistry

Professor Londino is a senior lecturer in the Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program and has taught multiple forensic and chemistry courses since 2006. In fall 2015, she published a forensic science lab manual for non-science students called The Basics in Investigating Forensic Science. As a Mosaic Fellow, she will encourage her students to ask questions, talk to peers, and discover their interests in forensic science.

Associate professor, Biology

Kathleen's research interests include promoting active learning and student engagement in large lecture classrooms. As a Mosaic Fellow, she would like to research how classroom technology can encourage deeper learning, critical thinking, and student success. She would also like to focus on building connections with faculty interested in promoting active and collaborative learning.

Assistant clinical professor, Community and Health Systems

Meg teaches nursing education and obstetrics in the School of Nursing. She uses art and reflection to enhance her teaching. She teaches both in the classroom and online, and would like to provide more innovations in her coursework to engage students.

Senior Lecturer, Earth Science

As a Mosaic Fellow, Jenny plans to develop active-learning strategies to transform a large-enrollment lecture course into a learner-focused environment where students collaboratively explore oceanographic concepts through applied learning activities.

Lecturer, Anthropology

Audrey teaches cultural anthropology courses and has taught courses on identity, tourism, Latin America, and psychological anthropology. As a Mosaic Fellow, she will focus on how classroom design encourages students to share ideas and to explore how class concepts apply to real-world contexts.

Senior Lecturer, Informatics and Computing

Louie teaches mathematical foundations of Informatics, computer programming, and web development courses. In 2015, he received the Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award. As a Mosaic Fellow, he will focus on using advanced learning technologies to implement team-based, collaborative learning to engage students.