Julie teaches management, career, and internship courses and serves as her department's internship coordinator. She is also the director of IU's Executive Development Program for Park and Recreation Professionals. As a Mosaic Faculty Fellow, Julie plans to research how teaching assistants can be used most effectively in active learning classrooms.

Julie's current research

Along with Tessa Bent and Jill Robinson, Julie is conducting research on the utilization of teaching assistants in active-learning classrooms. Their research is focused on assessing the effectiveness of teaching assistants for supporting student learning in active learning classrooms. Their data includes video recordings as well as student and TA surveys. They are analyzing the instructors' and teaching assistants' movement patterns and interaction types from the video recordings. The surveys are probing students' perceptions of their interactions with the TAs. They hope to provide suggestions for how teaching assistants can best be utilized within active learning classrooms.