Cohort 1

Senior Fellows: Cohort 1

Associate professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Tessa teaches undergraduate classes in phonetics, language development, and speech perception. Teaching in the Collaborative Learning Studio transformed her views on the importance of classroom design. As a Mosaic Fellow, she is researching how to effectively incorporate teaching assistants in active-learning classrooms. She received the Trustees Teaching Award in 2012 and 2016.

Clinical assistant professor, History

Kalani is a clinical assistant professor of history of digital methodologies and medieval history. She uses text mining, spatial history, and network analysis to explore conflict in medieval Europe. As a Mosaic Fellow, Kalani hopes to make more structured use of these approaches as part of an ongoing program of active learning pedagogy in the classroom.

Senior lecturer, Informatics

J received his doctorate in computer science from IU in 2011. He teaches classes for the Informatics department on cybersecurity, discrete math, and programming in Python. As a Mosaic Fellow, he plans to continue research into active learning, collaborative learning, and encouraging the participation of underrepresented minority students.

Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese

Virginia is a Spanish senior lecturer and the assistant director of the Basic Language Program. She also serves as the Spanish Advance College Project (ACP) program coordinator, training high school instructors to offer college-level courses. As a Mosaic Fellow, Virginia looks forward to applying active learning techniques and sharing them with her colleagues.

Clinical assistant professor, Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies

Julie teaches management, career, and internship courses and serves as her department's internship coordinator. She is also the director of IU's Executive Development Program for Park and Recreation Professionals. As a Mosaic Faculty Fellow, Julie plans to research how teaching assistants can be used most effectively in active learning classrooms.

Lecturer, Informatics

Since 2009, Erika has taught graphic design, web design, and visual communications to IU undergrads. For two years she served as a visiting journalism lecturer in IU's Media School. She gives workshops nationally on web development and digital storytelling.

Professor, Journalism

Elaine's goal is to share skills and knowledge she acquired during a 20-year career in international journalism and strategic communications. The Mosaic fellowship will help her immerse students in a newsroom environment where learning is fun, fast, and measurable. A Scot, Elaine is a graduate of Reuters' Journalism program in London.

Lecturer, Informatics

Dan teaches Introduction to Informatics, Information Representations, and Capstone. He uses a version of Team Based Learning (TBL) in the classroom to help students engage course materials. As a Mosaic Fellow, he plans to improve upon active learning strategies at IU.

Senior lecturer, Chemistry

Jill teaches undergraduate courses in general, analytical, and environmental chemistry. As a Mosaic Fellow, she will explore how technology can support collaborative learning in large lecture classes. She will use group activities to delve into difficult concepts and provide timely feedback to students.

Lecturer, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Susan Siena is a full-time lecturer in national and international affairs at SPEA. As a Mosaic Fellow she is researching how active learning techniques can foster a lifelong habit of relying on a diverse range of quality news outlets. She is also documenting how active learning techniques can be applied in both active learning classrooms and in traditional classrooms.

Associate professor, Criminal Justice

Arvind's research interests are in Policing, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Criminal Justice in India, Research Methods, Mathematical Modeling, Fuzzy Logic, and Geographical Information Systems. As a Mosaic Fellow, Arvind hopes to engage his students in creative ways to discuss and learn about contentious issues surrounding police-minority relations.