What is a Mosaic Classroom?

A Mosaic classroom is designed to support active and collaborative learning to facilitate:

  • Collaboration, Sharing, and Feedback, with student-usable whiteboard surfaces, screens, and/or other technologies intended for collaboration and presentation.

  • Student Grouping, with furniture that allows for easy student collaboration within the classroom.

Each Mosaic classroom is different. Taken together, Mosaic classrooms represent a rich variety of learning spaces that meet widely varying instructional needs—much like the unique tiles that comprise a mosaic.

Find a Mosaic classroom

There are over 60 Mosaic classrooms across the IUPUI and Bloomington campuses. To find a Mosaic classroom on your campus:

  1. Go to the Classroom Database
  2. Select your campus
  3. Select a Mosaic Room Design


To schedule to teach in a Mosaic classroom, identify a desired classroom from the Classroom Database. Send the room request to your department scheduler.


Three Mosaic classrooms are subject to research and require an application.

Student Building (SB) 015

Lecture Hall (LE) 104
University Hall (AD) 1000