What is the Mosaic Initiative?

What is the Mosaic Initiative?

Through partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders—faculty, students, university architect’s office, campus teaching centers, and others—the Mosaic Initiative explores the intersections of classroom design, pedagogy, and technology.

While we strive to push these boundaries to support active and collaborative learning in all classrooms, the Mosaic Initiative is inspired by and connected to our Mosaic classrooms.

Mosaic classrooms

A Mosaic classroom is designed to support active and collaborative learning at Indiana University and built to facilitate

  • Collaboration, sharing, and feedback with student-accessible whiteboard surfaces, screens, or other technologies intended for collaboration and presentation

  • Student grouping with flexible or fixed furniture that allows for easy student collaboration within the classroom

Each Mosaic classroom is different. Taken together, Mosaic classrooms represent a rich variety of learning spaces that meet widely varying instructional needs—much like the unique tiles that comprise a mosaic.

How to participate

The Mosaic Initiative encourages broad engagement and conversation about the intersections of space, technology, and pedagogy across Indiana University through

  • Interactive tours of multiple Mosaic classrooms to learn more about installed technology and the student experience in a Mosaic classroom

  • Mosaic classroom meetings and workshops for faculty who teach in Mosaic classrooms

  • Open classroom sessions to observe class meetings held in Mosaic classrooms, followed by Q&A with the instructor

  • One-on-one or group consultations in a Mosaic classroom

  • The Mosaic Faculty Fellows program, a yearlong exploration of active and collaborative learning in a Mosaic classroom

Interested? Learn more about the Faculty Fellows program and see if you'd be a good candidate.