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Teaching Support:

Do you want to explore how to better leverage your classroom to support your teaching goals? For all IU classrooms we offer:

  • One-on-one consultations in the classroom space
  • Group Consultations/Workshops in the classroom spaces

for instructors, graduate students, departments, or any group who want to rethink (how to use) their classroom spaces.

Whether you wish to explore how better to use your whiteboards, screens, student seating, Canvas in the classroom, or other tools, we will meet with you in your classroom to discuss teaching in the context of your space.

Research Support:

Do you want to research the intersections of space, technology, and pedagogy in your own courses? The Mosaic Initiative supports research in all IU classrooms. If you wish to discuss the literature on space and pedagogy, a research project on the topic, or brainstorm ideas for one, please contact us.